Fab City Handbook

What is it?

This Handbook is a practical resource from the Fab City Global Initiative. It aims to be a useful guide for information, tools and other types of materials that can support you and your city to become a locally productive and globally connected city by 2054.

This document is a a living resource hub pooled from the Fab City Network, including Fab City member cities, Fab City Collective and the Fab City Foundation. As a community, we constantly update this content to reflect the currency of the Fab City roadmap.

This handbook is based on the Fab City Book.

How to use it?

This resource includes information for three key interest groups:

  1. Before joining: Those looking to have their city pledge to the Fab City network in the future.

  2. Steps to join: Those who have committed to take the pledge at the next annual event.

  3. Fab City members: Those who have already pledged the the Fab City global initiative


Everything uploaded in this resource is done so under CC BY licence.

A few notes:

  • Use what you need freely and transparently - Credit Fab.City or the author

  • Ensure you ask around if there is something you don't have or know. We can pool resources and knowledge from the community and prefer to ensure you have the right information. You can always email [email protected] if you need something that you cannot find here.

  • Give back! We rely on your updates to ensure this content reflects the real-time on-the-ground-work being done in the Fab City network. Document and participate.