Fab City Summit

The Fab City Global Initiative gathers annually for exchange, celebration and to welcome new member cities.

Global meetings provide an opportune time to connect and work on strategies for the Fab City roadmap. The Fab City Summit is the annual gathering of the Fab City global initiative. It brings together the global network of thinkers, makers, practitioners and policymakers who believe in the potential of cities as life-giving systems. It is an annual check-in on our roadmap to shift from linear to regenerative cities by implementing the PITO to DIDO model and bringing productivity back to cities and their bioregions. The Fab City roadmap has been in development by the Fab City global initiative since 2014.

This year is especially important. Join the Distributed Fab City Summit 2020, from Emergency to Resilience, broadcasting from Barcelona! Help shape this Time of Transition. The Fab City Global Initiative invites this year everyone to join the Distributed Fab City Summit 2020 on the 14 + 15th October, online.

Join the Distributed Fab City Summit 2020

For more information: Distributed Fab City Summit 2020

Past Fab City Summits

Fab City Summit 2019 - Amsterdam, Netherlands as part of the Urban Conference We Make The City

Fab City Summit 2019 as part of the We Make The City Conference - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fab City Summit 2019 - Amsterdam

Fab City Summit 2018 - Paris, France as part of Fab14+

Fab City Summit 2017 - Copenhagen

Fab City Campus

Local prototype and proof of concept embedded in a small area of a Fab City to rapidly demonstrate the Fab City concept.

Paris 2018

Amsterdam 2016

Fab Event

The annual gathering of the FabLab network