Steps to join the Fab City network

Local champions looking to join their city to the Fab City network as a member city - find out how.

1. Find your Consortium

Fab City pledges are made by local consortiums who represent the ecosystem of the city. To pledge, your city must present a consortium of (at least) three members:

  • Community

  • Fab lab/Maker

  • City Hall

Approaches to governance of Fab City at a local level differ inside of the Fab City network. These differences may be based on the geographic, demographic, cultural or economic specificities of the locality. Various models are currently active in the Fab City network. The Fab City Global Initiative advocates for an association much like Fab City Grand Paris.‚Äč

Host a local event To gain community support for Fab City, you may choose to host a local event. For example, Christchurch, New Zealand hosts a monthly Fab City meet-up as a tool to engage their community to be part of their eventual pledge to Fab City network. You can also see the Greenpeace guide for some advice on hosting events. You can use this presentation for events and meetings.

2. Map your ecosystem

3. Talk to the Fab City Global Initiative

The Collective, Fab City Foundation Management Board or representatives from fab City network member cities can help answer questions or give advice.