Fab City Book


This easy-to-use guidebook to Fab City resources. We use Gitbook because it is open-source, integrated with Github and easily editable.

Telegram channel

Fab City network chit-chat can now be found on Telegram. We have a broadcast channel where you can add links to chats you have created. Why Telegram?

Slide deck

Present Fab City

Want to make your own? Use the Slidedeck template and send it to us for upload!

You can use the template to create more slides or translate the deck into another language and upload it here:


Fab City Circular is a periodic newsletter of curated content from the Fab City network including news from the member cities, the Fab City Collective and the Fab City Global Initiative. You can sign-up to receive it here:

If you would like to write for the Fab City Circular, send an email to [email protected]


The is hosted by Medium. To learn how to write, submit and publish to the Fab City blog hosted by Medium, see this handy tutorial.

Why do we use Medium? The collaborative features of the platform allow multiple people to write for the Fab City blog. These articles become an every-populated documentation of the work we are collectively doing in the network. Plus, the content is hosted transparently online, where anyone can comment, share, like or debate what we write about.

Ensure your Fablab is connected to the global network!


You can find our code on Github